Most Detailed Online Bansuri Course

Aspiring to learn the Indian bamboo flute? Welcome to "The Mystic Bambooā€¯ academy for online bansuri lessons. Here you will find the most comprehensive, step by step online program for learning how to play the Indian bamboo flute. This online bansuri course caters for all levels-beginner, intermediate and advanced players.




Vision Behind "The Mystic Bamboo"

The Mystic Bamboo is my go-to/gospel when it comes to learning the Bansuri. I came across the Mystic Bamboo online courses when Himanshuji came to London to deliver a workshop.
Soon after the workshop, I purchased the modules and have used the course to progress not only in Bansuri but Hindustani Classical music. I highly recommend this courses to complete beginners as well as people who have been playing the bansuri for several years!

Rikhil Rai
Musican & IT Professional, UK

Himanshu Bhaiya, is an exceptional Teacher, Visionary, Mentor, Philosopher and a Guru who can be as strict as it gets, and as lenient when the time calls for it. I owe whatever I am to Him!!
These courses are so beautifully curated, these are the crux of the bansuri techniques and bansuri basics which is very important for all the bansuri players. More complex techniques of Bansuri are presented in a well structured manner in simplest way possible. It is a must do for all Bansuri entusiasts.

Kshitij Saxena
Musician, Mumbai

I attended few residential workshops of Himanshu ji and got hooked to his style of teaching.  His ability to simplify more complex techniques of Bansuri is remarkable.
Bansuri student of every pedigree should try The Mystic Bamboo. Musical wisdom and experience of the highest order, made available to every Bansuri student, via a pleasing, personal, convenient medium. Contents are extremely structured and well planned. Extremely fortunate to have access to this platform.   

Hrushikesh Khopkar
 Lead, Data Science, Oracle