Introductory Course

A simple approach to manage early challenges

Course Introduction:

If you are just beginning your journey with the Bansuri, it is crucial to grasp the instrument's design, initiate early sound production, and master correct finger positioning. This course aims to guarantee that you establish a strong foundation, comprehend the instrument's profound significance, and appreciate the music it produces as a transformative journey inward.

What You'll learn

 • A systematic approach to sound production
 • Correct finger positioning


 • An open mind
 • Eagerness to learn Bansuri
 • Dedicated time for practice

Course Curriculum

Himanshu Nanda

I am Himanshu Nanda, one of the senior most disciples of the legendary Bansuri Maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and the founder director of The Mystic Bamboo Academy in Pune, India. With over a decade of experience as both a performer and teacher in India and around the world, I am passionate about sharing the nuances of bansuri playing with anyone interested in exploring this musical journey.

"Every step is a discovery in bansuri practice and this is exactly what he teaches. His vast experience clubbed with his spiritual knowledge is a double combo which one can see in his teaching style. One has to live the life he wants to preach and that is exactly what Himanshu Nanda is."

Abhishek Sinha
 Engineer, Bangaluru, India

Having played the bansuri for many years prior to discovering Mystic Bamboo, I realized that some foundational aspects of my playing were lacking. The courses provided detailed instructions that allowed me to unlearn and acquire valuable practices. I am grateful to Himanshu Nanda for offering these invaluable lessons.

Bart Landstra
Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands

Mystic Bamboo is a great platform for those having a burning desire to learn Bansuri. It has all the aspects of learning Bansuri. All we have to do is to follow his instructions and practice. I strongly recommend these courses to every flute aspirants.

Pratik Joshi
Architect, Gandhidham, Gujrat