“Baithak” in Hindi translates to a "sit-down gathering." In the Hindustani Classical Music tradition, a baithak refers to an intimate musical performance held in a cosy setting, where musicians perform in close proximity to the audience. Unlike formal stage concerts for large crowds, a baithak creates a warm and personal ambiance that allows for a more connected and immersive musical experience.

Since 2019, our Baithaks in Pune, receiving a warm and enthusiastic response from the community. These gatherings are not merely entertainment events; they aspire to transcend the boundaries of performance arts recitals. Through deeper connections forged between the artists and the audience, the ambiance transforms into a spiritual assembly, elevating the overall experience.

The Mystic Bamboo Baithaks host both established and emerging artists of Indian music, providing them with a platform to perform and share their musical journey with the community. These events go beyond mere performances; they foster an informal, interactive, and educational environment that facilitates a beautiful exchange of music between the artists and the audience. This enriching experience is cherished by art lovers and students of Indian music attending the baithaks.

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